Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Dad is So Great

My dad in my family. It was still dark and windy in the morning. Last night had been more terrible. A storm. No, more like a cyclone actually. Just remembering it made me tremble. I went back to sleep to forget about it.

My Dad is Great

It had been an hour since I had gone to sleep again. I looked to my right. My Dad had gone already. I wanted to play with him and I wanted him to teach me stuff. He is a great dad. He always worked from when the sun rises until noon. I did my usual activity in the morning, which was praying to god. I am a Muslim, praying 5 times a day. After I prayed, I called for breakfast to my mother, but no one answered.

I called her again loudly. Still, no one answered. Suddenly, I had got a feeling that no one was there. The bell at the centre of the town rang unexpectedly. Really loud. The bell usually reminded us about the time. But this was different. This was the signal for enemies.

My Dad is Hero. I went outside. Everyone there was terrified and were running towards the Hall. People always went to the Hall when there were enemies. But I didn’t go to the Hall. I wanted to see what war looked like. So I climbed up a house and carefully jumped to other houses. I always did this. I got used to jumping over houses or climbing. My mother wouldn’t be worried about me because I always lied about where I was. I told my mother that I was always in my secret area, the underground hole. “TAK!”. I jumped! I thought it was just the sound of a running horse. But it wasn’t. It was an arrow.

I Love My Dad

I started to run. But it was really hard to run on rooftops. The archer kept shooting and shooting. I was taught how to avoid attacks such as arrows by my father when I was younger. Suddenly, I noticed that there were no more arrows coming at me. I turned around. I saw blood running down from the archer’s body. And I saw someone else. Someone familiar. My dad had come.

My Dad stared at me. The first thing that came to my mind was that he was going to be really angry. Instead, he said “Come my son, I will show you war!” I went on the horse without saying a word and we went to the battle field. On the way, I looked at my dad. He seems okay and not mad. It was a relieve.

When we arrived, I was just staring quietly at the sword fights and the dead bodies. There were lots of dead bodies. But there were still a lot of men fighting there. A fat man lunged at me with his sword. But my dad protected me and killed him. Another man came for me. My dad killed him also. My father was like the best soldier ever. After a while, the enemy retreated. It looked to me that it was all because of my father. What a great dad I have. Kind hearted and strong.

I Love My Dad so Much
My Dad is So Great
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love is Blind, isn't it?

Love is sometimes difficult to see the type of position you're in until you are completely removed from that situation. Then it'll be easier to see the entire picture, no longer looking through the fogged spectacles called love.

Some conversations with our current boyfriend re-sparked some deeply hidden flames. Some of which uncovered old wounds that have not yet healed. With sincerity and curiosity he asked.

Love Quotes Tumblr

Why would someone ever treat you like that?
The question was sparked from a visit down memory lane. We were doing what most people in relationships do, sharing intimate stories about our past relationship. While I struggled to answer, a more important question came to me.

Why had we allowed ourself to be treated in duch a manner?
During my previous unhealthy relationship, I was so in love, I failed to realize how badly I was being mistreated. It wasn't until I was completely estranged from my ex before I realized that I was a victim of physical and psychological abuse.

The learning experience was one I'd never trade because I now know the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. I also can share my experiences to help others who are in an unhealthy relationship both identify the signs and get out.

All is like what Alicia Keys said in Love is Blind Song.

Love is Blind Quotes

Well people don't see what I see,
Even when them right there,
Standing next to me.
And all of my friends think I'm crazy for loving you,
But they don't know,
There's nothing else I can do.
And it's too bad 'cause love is blind.

See people don't know what I know,
They say I'm losing my mind,
I know I'm losing control.

All of my friends think I'm crazy but I don't care,
I'm over the edge, no turning back,
Belong to you I swear.
It's too bad 'cause love is blind.

My Love is Blind (end).
Happiness in My Love, that only i hope.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 Way to Know What Women Want from Men

The question that a lot of men seem to ask is 'what does she want?'. You see, some men think that it is enough to simply provide financial support or physical help for the women in their lives. However, there is a lot more to keeping a woman than that. I always say that some men only concentrate on that initial phase of getting the woman, sweeping her off her feet. The real art though, for me, is the ability to keep the woman and keep her happy.

That is where a lot of men fall short, they have no clue as to how to love a woman and maintain a happy relationship. And there are some advice for men to keep happiness with his women.

How to Communicate
This is a big one. Women like to express themselves, the way they are feeling. I know That there is a huge difference between the sexes in this regard but the greatest thing you will ever need to learn about a relationship is the art of compromising. So meet her half way. Talk about what is happening with you, what is happening at work etc. Again, we do not expect men to be as talkative as we are. Just have a conversation, she will lead the way.

To Feel Loved
Women are obviously more sensitive than men. We need to not only hear you say “I love you” but we need to see it in actions. Let her know why you love her. Tell her how gorgeous she is looking today, how her dress hugs her beautiful figure well. Yes, we need to hear it. It is not that a woman lacks self confidence why she needs to hear this from her man but she only wants to know that she can still turn the head of her man. It keeps the spunk in the relationship.

Make her feel loved, also, by showing appreciation. Can you imagine a woman slaving away at a dinner and the man comes in and does not want it or, even if he eats it, complains about the taste? That will drive a woman crazy. It is not that you cannot give constructive criticism but you must be tactful. Let her know you appreciate her.

Third is a Companion
A woman needs someone to share all the responsibilities with. Someone to share the decision making process. A woman wants to know that when she is unable to get something done, she can depend on her partner. She does not need someone whom she will have to pick up after and run behind. She needs someone reliable, a man to help her and pick up the slack. A leader, capable of and willing to take responsibility for his actions, but not someone to boss her around and dominate the relationship. Rather, she needs equality as an affirmation to the fact that what she thinks and says matters.

How to Touch Women
Another thing is how he touches her. If the only time he touches her is when he wants sex then she will pick up on the pattern and begin to resent him for it. It should not be that every time a man gently touches and massages his woman it is because he needs sex. No, she will feel as if that is the only thing he wants her for. The man must know how to make her feel good without always wanting something in return.

I think four way above is good enough to understand women and know what women want from men. And remember that Women are strong beings but we have soft hearts that can be broken easily. However, if a man plays his cards right, she will always be his tower of strength.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love, Trying to Know What is The Meaning of Love

When i asked to my friend about Love, his answer was so simple that makes me lost mood. He said that Love is just small job of defining a four letter word which makes the world. What a pity, he said. Now, lets to cover what is the meaning of love.

Defining what is love has been the work of various types of artists throughout time. Love can not be precisely defined as it encompasses several and it is a dynamic one. The definition of love is in infant age, may be some loveologists (scientists in of love) may help it to grow as we. But we shall do our best at it;

Love is a sensation through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses.
Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
Love is the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

Love Love Love, let me try answering it. Love is an emotion that binds one person to another in a relationship that cannot be described. Lovers are worried only about making their beloved happy. Those in deep love cannot stay away even for a small time. They are ready to forget and sacrifice most of their other relationships for the sake of their love. They are ready to die for each other, and history tells us that sometimes it really happens. Love is an emotional relationship that can never be described, but can only be experienced. Try explaining the taste of sugar, to someone who has never tasted anything sweet. You will never be able to do it. For that the other person has to eat sugar. Similarly, love can never be explained. One has to fall in love to know of its bliss. Please do so at the earliest opportunity.

And now, let see some features of love as defined by some great heads:
Sir Walter Raleigh
"True love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, from itself never turning."
Albert Einstein
"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love."

If we are trying to define love, we have done it to some small extent, but still its not complete. Love may mean different to different people in many different situations. Why don't you try to draft it a good meaning of love or just say to quotes.

It is still difficult i think, but one important thing that i know. Love is relationship that is exist in our life. May be you can give some advice what is the meaning of love that you think. so i can make conclusion about the difinition of love.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Emotional Love Song of My Life

Relationship of my crazy love just makes me be far away fom happiness. Every sad song urges me to tell a tale that happened, but every time I try I just sit and cry. I don't know why I have to share these feelings, but it does gives me a sense of "what-might". Maybe it's Emotional Love Song of My Life that is other people said.

Some songs make me feel it's right. But some songs make me feel like I wanted to die. Though I become weak when I start to write, all those tears encourage me to fight. My Heart is like separated, my emotion got worse. There was a part in my life that I stayed in remorse, but when I start to realize, I think it's just right for my glorious and my happiness endeavors.

Sometimes I do regret that I have lost him. That I had let him go. And I've thought it was because of me why he felt that lack of affection. I know why he had chosen to leave me behind, because it says in the studies that men do make many reasons to stay out of the relationship when they feel they are already not admired.

Love Love Love, But I am okay now. I think if I had not lost him, I would never grow up mature and I would not realize more of the things around me. It is indeed true that we need space to grow up, no matter how painful it is to be apart from the person you've loved so, it is really a need for your own good. It is not that all beautiful things in life don't last. It's just that there are more beautiful things in life that you have not seen yet.

I thought he was the most beautiful gift that ever came into my life. I cried each day that times when I've realized that I can't have him back, my love gone. But when I started to live my life again, I have seen more than of a gift, but a LIFE and HAPPINESS.

At first, indeed, it was hard. Everything that I do, it reminds me of him and the times that we had. I had not seen the reason yet that time why those things had to happen. But I just try to stop blaming myself and go on. I studied hard enough to keep myself busy. I entered organizations in our school. And I was so relieved to feel so free. Free with no guilt in my heart. No guilt for I was not disobeying my parents anymore. No guilt for I was not immoral to the eyes of the people anymore. And free for I was doing the right thing now.

Emotion and Love caught me back, but though I had been feeling so lite, I cannot do away of missing something I use to live with, "I use to live for". I graduated with honors in high school, which I had lost since I was in the secondary level. My parents were so proud and I felt so confident for I was apparently on the right track. I had stopped my minor vices, I had avoided bad influences and now I am truly living.

Sometimes too much love could close our minds from possibilities. The love I had? It wasn't that easy to let go. We tried to rekindle our love too many times, but he, he had always said "it's not yet our time". I still can't understand what his words meant until now, but I believe, when we have to live our own lives first, we better accept the fact that there's more to prioritize first in our lives than our love for each other. I am proud that I have loved and met a guy like him. Although it was not a perfect and ideal relationship, it was such a meaningful one and worth pondering for.

And I believe that our choices in life will reflect how will our life turn out in the future. 'fate' do exists, we have two fates in this world. The meaningful fate and the tragic fate and we have two finished lines in our lives. If we choose the right way, make the right choices though sometimes it is really too hard, we will have our heart-warming and life-worth-living finish line, Our Meaningful Fate.

But when we chose the wrong way, we chose to be wrong, we chose to be blinded by the tears we have cried and the scars trials have left in our hearts, we will surely be destined to the tragic fate we never dreamed of. So don't be afraid to let go of that love in the meantime, and never be afraid too to fall in love in the first place, just follow your heart, just follow the song. But be on the right path that give beauty life.

Take note, I don't regret that I fell in love and got hurt, because I had felt the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced in my life. Just do it when you feel it and leave it when there's more good reasons beyond it. But I do not know why I will always got tears when I am listening an Emotional Love Song.
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