Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love is Blind, isn't it?

Love is sometimes difficult to see the type of position you're in until you are completely removed from that situation. Then it'll be easier to see the entire picture, no longer looking through the fogged spectacles called love.

Some conversations with our current boyfriend re-sparked some deeply hidden flames. Some of which uncovered old wounds that have not yet healed. With sincerity and curiosity he asked.

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Why would someone ever treat you like that?
The question was sparked from a visit down memory lane. We were doing what most people in relationships do, sharing intimate stories about our past relationship. While I struggled to answer, a more important question came to me.

Why had we allowed ourself to be treated in duch a manner?
During my previous unhealthy relationship, I was so in love, I failed to realize how badly I was being mistreated. It wasn't until I was completely estranged from my ex before I realized that I was a victim of physical and psychological abuse.

The learning experience was one I'd never trade because I now know the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. I also can share my experiences to help others who are in an unhealthy relationship both identify the signs and get out.

All is like what Alicia Keys said in Love is Blind Song.

Love is Blind Quotes

Well people don't see what I see,
Even when them right there,
Standing next to me.
And all of my friends think I'm crazy for loving you,
But they don't know,
There's nothing else I can do.
And it's too bad 'cause love is blind.

See people don't know what I know,
They say I'm losing my mind,
I know I'm losing control.

All of my friends think I'm crazy but I don't care,
I'm over the edge, no turning back,
Belong to you I swear.
It's too bad 'cause love is blind.

My Love is Blind (end).
Happiness in My Love, that only i hope.

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