Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Dad is So Great

My dad in my family. It was still dark and windy in the morning. Last night had been more terrible. A storm. No, more like a cyclone actually. Just remembering it made me tremble. I went back to sleep to forget about it.

My Dad is Great

It had been an hour since I had gone to sleep again. I looked to my right. My Dad had gone already. I wanted to play with him and I wanted him to teach me stuff. He is a great dad. He always worked from when the sun rises until noon. I did my usual activity in the morning, which was praying to god. I am a Muslim, praying 5 times a day. After I prayed, I called for breakfast to my mother, but no one answered.

I called her again loudly. Still, no one answered. Suddenly, I had got a feeling that no one was there. The bell at the centre of the town rang unexpectedly. Really loud. The bell usually reminded us about the time. But this was different. This was the signal for enemies.

My Dad is Hero. I went outside. Everyone there was terrified and were running towards the Hall. People always went to the Hall when there were enemies. But I didn’t go to the Hall. I wanted to see what war looked like. So I climbed up a house and carefully jumped to other houses. I always did this. I got used to jumping over houses or climbing. My mother wouldn’t be worried about me because I always lied about where I was. I told my mother that I was always in my secret area, the underground hole. “TAK!”. I jumped! I thought it was just the sound of a running horse. But it wasn’t. It was an arrow.

I Love My Dad

I started to run. But it was really hard to run on rooftops. The archer kept shooting and shooting. I was taught how to avoid attacks such as arrows by my father when I was younger. Suddenly, I noticed that there were no more arrows coming at me. I turned around. I saw blood running down from the archer’s body. And I saw someone else. Someone familiar. My dad had come.

My Dad stared at me. The first thing that came to my mind was that he was going to be really angry. Instead, he said “Come my son, I will show you war!” I went on the horse without saying a word and we went to the battle field. On the way, I looked at my dad. He seems okay and not mad. It was a relieve.

When we arrived, I was just staring quietly at the sword fights and the dead bodies. There were lots of dead bodies. But there were still a lot of men fighting there. A fat man lunged at me with his sword. But my dad protected me and killed him. Another man came for me. My dad killed him also. My father was like the best soldier ever. After a while, the enemy retreated. It looked to me that it was all because of my father. What a great dad I have. Kind hearted and strong.

I Love My Dad so Much
My Dad is So Great

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